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Why I came to Denmark, the reasons behind my choice

I know I have been absent for quite a long time, but I am back, and I am ready to tell you the reasons that brought me to Denmark. As you can see I also decided to write in English, so all my friends can understand what I write. My mom will probably hate me for this because she doesn’t understand English ðŸ˜Š oopsie. Let’s get back to the main topic “Why did I choose Denmark”.There are two reasons behind my choice, the first one is related to the economic aspect: Denmark offers free education to EU students. As soon I discovered this I was beyond excited and obviously, I didn’t realize that I will have to pay rent and expenses and food. Italian universities are not that expensive but, studying for free is awesome so I decided that studying in Denmark was my goal and dream. If the education was thought in Danish I wouldn’t’ve come, because Danish is not an easy language. Fortunately, there are many courses thought in English, and this was the second reason. When I knew that I was acc…

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