Long-time, no see. I have to apologise for that :). Unfortunately, I underestimated the Australian University and the amount of work I had to do during the semester. I will tell you all about it in the next blog post. 

But now, let me tell you about one of my last assignments and how it disappeared from the USB drive. 
It was a lovely Saturday afternoon, I was working on my assignment from the library PC because it had a bigger display. The university PC reset itself after you log out and everything that you worked on, including internet searches is gone, so the next user will find a clean PC, and you will not have privacy issues. I was prepared, and I had a USB drive connected to the PC in which I was saving everything. Unfortunately, I was lazy, and I did not log in to my google drive to save the documents there. 

At some point, I got hungry, and I decided to go home and eat, I safely disconnected the pen drive, and I left. One hour later I came back, connected the pen drive, and the computer shows a warning saying that the pen drive is corrupted and I did what I always do in this cases, I "repaired it". After it got repaired, I opened the folder, and I discovered that my assignment was gone. I had two-thirds done and my 3 days work was gone, it was Saturday afternoon and the due day was Monday. 
I panicked like never before, and I started looking online for programs that can help me recover the lost word document. I found two, but they were useless. The IT office at university was closed, so I was desperate, I called some friends, but they also had no clue what to do. 
Luckily I remembered that at the shopping near the campus there is an IT shop that has qualified technicians. I rushed there with my laptop, pen drive and hope. It took me a while for me to explain what happened because I was panicking, and in the end, I told him I lost a document from the pen drive, and I would like it back. 
I cannot be more grateful to this guy because he was honest and told me: "I do not know if this will work for your problem, but we have this programme, and I can try to recover the document using that".  I was ready to say yes, go for it when he told me that this would cost me 89 AUD + 29 AUD for his assistance. At that moment I started thinking that I will be fine, I will work for the next 48 hours without sleeping and I will finish it. But it wasn't a good idea since also all my research and sources were gone. 
I said to him that I am a jobless student and if he can find me a cheaper alternative. He was also a really good person and told me that he can download the free version on my laptop, and I agreed to that. He installed this life-saving programme, called RECUVA, that I will never uninstall and I will cherish forever. He ran the programme, and my assignment was saved. 

RECUVA is the tool that saved my life at that moment. My laziness cost me 29 AUD, and I was not happy, but since then, I try to save documents in multiple locations and devices. 
It is useless to say that I wish you to do the same, save your documents and your work, on clouds, ped drive, send it as an e-mail to yourself to make sure you will never lose it. But if something similar to my experience happens, you can use RECUVA. It can save your work, and the free version works just fine. 

Probably you are curious what grade did I get on my most expensive assignment. Well, it went surprisingly well considered that it was a master course, and I am a bachelor student. I got 94.50/100.
I was lucky, and I had a happy ending, and I hope this tool can help you too. 

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