I am one of those people that let themselves carried by the wind sometimes, and I let everything to destiny or fate or whatever. Sometimes (rarely) I feel like going out of my comfort zone, but it is not easy because like you and many other I fall into the routine and is so difficult to get out. It is like everybody hates it, but nobody does something to get out of it. But when I finally decide to get out of my comfort zone, I go big, well kinda.

Since the university offers the opportunity to do a semester abroad, I decided to go for it. I was planning to stay in Europe, so I can get Erasmus plus, obviously and enjoy the experience maybe without working. I was planning to go to Spain and attend the classes in Spanish and learn it at a mother tongue level. But things didn’t go exactly that way. I was thinking about Spain for months, planning everything, searching for apartments and one week before the deadline for the exchange semester application I started to think about Australia because I saw it on the list with the options. When I sent the form, I put Australia as the first priority, and then the other countries, South Korea, Spain, and Austria, just to be sure I will get somewhere. I really didn’t want to stay another semester in Denmark. I had to wait a few weeks, and then the big news arrived, first to my classmates, and they were super happy. But 10 min after they received the news, I also received an email saying that I was eligible for Australia and they offered me a spot. I was soooo happy that I ran all around the campus with a freaky smiling face.

Long story short, I got the visa (expensive AF), plane tickets and I also think I have a place where to stay. Next semester I am going to be in Springfield, Australia. BTW if you hear someone yelling is me, I saw a spider or another creepy creature.

Often life surprises us, sometimes positively or negatively but it is up to us to adapt to the new plan and to never give up. We need to let ourselves do mistakes and wrong to learn and grow. We do not know what might happen the next day and our plans might get ruined. Be bold and do everything with the same energy and motivation that you were supposed to put in your scheduled programs.

Do not be scared by the unexpected, embrace it if it’s positive or kicks its ass if it’s negative. 
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