Since I moved to Denmark…

I discovered a new culture, food, and traditions- I haven’t adapted to everything, but hey I am human so bear with me 😊
I learned to be independent – before I always lived with my parents and this as my first alone experience.
I started to speak 4 languages daily – let me tell ya, it is exhausting, and you can easily make mistakes and have blackouts.
I spoke more Spanish than Danish 😊 – I talk every day with my friend Adriana.
I am making money 😊 – well sort of, I have to pay rent, bills and food and other stuff but I have been able to economically sustain myself without depending on my parents, and this is great.
I went on a road trip with my lovely friends, Jurgita and Mike from Denmark to Italy.
I lost my curly hair – noooo this is a tragedy, I do not know how this happened but this summer something changed in my body, and now my hair is lifeless, flat and almost straight.
I started to walk more and more and more 😊 – when I was living in Italy, I was walking max 8km per day, now I am walking more than 15 km daily.
I found a cool part-time job, learned some new things and became more confident.
I started to go to the gym and put some effort – I cannot see the significant results yet, but I am working on it.
I also become more depressed during winter, when the days are shorter, and there is no sun, but as soon as the day is sunny, my mood goes up.
I am super happy and full of energy in summer when the day starts at 4 am and ends almost at midnight
I opened this blog and believe or not people are reading it, and some of you actually came to study at my University, the rest went to Odense, Copenhagen, Arhus, and other cities.
A lot of other things have happened some good, some bad but the most critical part is to keep going, fight everything and everyone that comes into your way and try to stop you from reaching your goal.
Since I moved to Denmark and I lived here for 2 years, I had fun, I learned a lot, I met a lot of people, but now it is time to move forward. Guess where 😊 you will find out on my next post…

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