I discovered a new culture, food, and traditions- I haven’t adapted to everything, but hey I am human so bear with me 😊
I learned to be independent – before I always lived with my parents and this as my first alone experience.
I started to speak 4 languages daily – let me tell ya, it is exhausting, and you can easily make mistakes and have blackouts.
I spoke more Spanish than Danish 😊 – I talk every day with my friend Adriana.
I am making money 😊 – well sort of, I have to pay rent, bills and food and other stuff but I have been able to economically sustain myself without depending on my parents, and this is great.
I went on a road trip with my lovely friends, Jurgita and Mike from Denmark to Italy.
I lost my curly hair – noooo this is a tragedy, I do not know how this happened but this summer something changed in my body, and now my hair is lifeless, flat and almost straight.
I started to walk more and more and more 😊 – when I was living in Italy, I was walking max 8km per day, now I am walking more than 15 km daily.
I found a cool part-time job, learned some new things and became more confident.
I started to go to the gym and put some effort – I cannot see the significant results yet, but I am working on it.
I also become more depressed during winter, when the days are shorter, and there is no sun, but as soon as the day is sunny, my mood goes up.
I am super happy and full of energy in summer when the day starts at 4 am and ends almost at midnight
I opened this blog and believe or not people are reading it, and some of you actually came to study at my University, the rest went to Odense, Copenhagen, Arhus, and other cities.
A lot of other things have happened some good, some bad but the most critical part is to keep going, fight everything and everyone that comes into your way and try to stop you from reaching your goal.
Since I moved to Denmark and I lived here for 2 years, I had fun, I learned a lot, I met a lot of people, but now it is time to move forward. Guess where 😊 you will find out on my next post…

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In 2016 I was so happy to come and study and live in Denmark, but after 2 years and a half, things have changed, and I cannot wait to leave this country.

Before Denmark

When I looked for information online and found pictures and read stories and articles, everything seems so positive, and I started imagining how my life would be in Denmark since in Italy I had no future. I also found less positive experiences, but I thought that those were isolated cases, and maybe people were exaggerating. I was overexcited that I could study for free that I wasn’t processing other information.

After my arrival in Denmark

When I arrived in Denmark, I was so lucky to have friends that supported and helped me, and I am going to be forever grateful to them for this. I hope that someday I will be able to change their favor. I was lucky to live close to the university, and during the first semester everything went smooth, and I liked the programme and the teaching method. The exam period was a bit stressful, but everything went more than fine.

Before Christmas I also applied for a marketing related job and just before Christmas Eve, I discovered that the job was mine. I worked in Trendhim since then, and I am so lucky to do this experience during my school years.  I was also surprised to discover that besides offering free education, the Danish government also offers economic help to EU students that work more than 44 hrs per month. I chose to apply to receive help, and I got it.

My experience with the Danish language school

I forgot to mention that since my arrival in Denmark I also started the language class to learn Danish and to become part of the society. During the second semester, I had to give up on the language classes due to time issues. I had lessons twice a week from 5 pm to 7.50 pm, and it was pretty difficult to manage my time with the university and the job. I mover the classes to Saturday morning from 9 am to 1.30 pm, but this didn’t work either. We also changed teachers, and the new ones weren’t engaging. I had to give up on something, and I decided that this would be the Danish classes.

When everything started to fall apart

During the 4th semester, we had to do a 3-month unpaid internship, and I was fine with it. Nowadays it is normal to have unpaid internships because people need to build careers and make experience working full time, but nobody asks them how they pay rent or buy food. I was ok because I still had a part-time job that I decided to keep during the internship period to receive help from the government and have an income.

Please notice that with only my salary after taxes (salary 2900 dkk) I pay the rent (rent 2850 dkk + laundry 50 dkk) and that’s it, then with the help from the government, I can live through the month. I try to be as honest as possible with you.

Since the first week I started to feel tired, I was working 11 hrs in front of the pc and walking 10 km (I suffer from car sickness and I use buses, trains and cars only in extreme cases or when necessary). During the 2nd month, I took one week of vacation from work in order to focus only on one thing. It worked but by the end of the internship, I was physically and mentally exhausted. During this period, I also had to write the bachelor project 😊.

Since I had pain everywhere, I decided to go to the doctor for the first time since I came to Denmark. Worst experience ever. I cried after I walked out, I couldn’t imagine how a doctor can speak like this to a patient.

I have a small issue since I was born, one of my legs is bigger and stronger and this causes pain to my back, legs and feet. I live daily with the pain but when it was too much, I decided to book the appointment.

The doctor seemed nice when I went inside, and I started to describe my history since it was the first time that we met. She also measured my leg and saw the difference was significant between the 2 legs and I was hoping she will send me to an orthopaedic but no she said that a physiotherapist would be enough, and I should look for it on google. I was like ok but can I also have some blood analysis to check why I have so much inflammation in my tendons and she said to me that this is not possible for Romanian and Polish students, because our national insurance doesn’t cover the cost in DK. I immediately stopped her and told her that actually I am registered in Italy and with Romania, I have no ties. Then she changed her answer by saying that I was too young for blood analysis that I am healthy and in Denmark, they do not prescribe blood analyses for people as young as me. I immediately left and called my mum and said to her to book a visit to Italy ASAP. I went back to Italy and my doctor ordered a full check-up and she gave me some medicine to fight the tendon inflammation and the blood analysis shown some worrying news and I had to take some other medicine.

In autumn the problem returned, and I went again, this time I met another doctor and he sent me to an orthopaedic surgeon, that told me that the tendon is not inflamed enough, it is shorter than the one in the right leg and if the pain and issues persist, I should come back in one year to do a surgery and then he sent me away.

This was my awful experience with the Danish healthcare system, and I know that out there are cases worse than mine. Unfortunately, I decided that I cannot stay in a country that treats patients with superficiality, especially if they are foreigners. Since my problem might get worse, I prefer to live in a country when I am sure I will receive some sort of attention and cure.

 And yet another reason

But this negative experience is not the only reason why I decided to leave. Denmark is a rich country that offers many possibilities, but its people culture is not for everybody. Everything depends on the city you live in, the bigger the city the better. People are closed sometimes, and it is difficult to approach them and create a friendship. I am lucky to have many international friends. I do not socialize as Danes do and that is why I will not stay here longer than needed.

I contributed to the society in these 2 and half years, by working and I also received a lot and for this I am grateful, but I have to change chapter in my life.

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