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I know I have been absent for quite a long time, but I am back, and I am ready to tell you the reasons that brought me to Denmark.
As you can see I also decided to write in English, so all my friends can understand what I write. My mom will probably hate me for this because she doesn’t understand English ðŸ˜Š oopsie. Let’s get back to the main topic “Why did I choose Denmark.”There are two reasons behind my choice, the first one is related to the economic aspect: Denmark offers free education to EU students. As soon I discovered this I was beyond excited and obviously, I didn’t realize that I will have to pay rent and expenses and food. Italian universities are not that expensive but, studying for free is incredible so I decided that studying in Denmark was my goal and dream. If the education were thought in Danish, I wouldn’t’ve come, because Danish is not a natural language. Fortunately, there are many courses thought in English, and this was the second reason.
When I knew that I was accepted I was ready to make sacrifices and work to pay for the expenses so I would not depend on my mum. When I was in Italy, I worked for 6 months for an exhibition, and I was able to save some money. I knew that in the beginning I had to pay more money for the deposit of the apartment and the first rent and I wanted to be ready.

After a few days in Denmark, I discovered that EU students have another significant benefit which consists of a monthly allowance that you can get if work at least 12 hours per week. This was big news and as soon as I had all my documents ready I started looking for a job.  The monthly allowance is called SU, and you must apply to get it. If they approve your application, you will receive it monthly until you work and respect the requirements and its value is approx. 6000 dkk before tax.  
Last but not least the education system, which I find it to be unique and not comparable to the Italian one or the Romanian one which is definitely outdated. Teachers are fantastic, and you can have informal conversations during or after classes, and they expect you to participate in the lesson. As a student, you are not stressed at all, but teachers have some expectations, such as reading the chapters from the book and being prepared during classes. The good part is that you will know the schedule for the whole semester and you can easily make plans.  
These are many reasons to study in Denmark, and I think I made the right choice. I would suggest you come to study in Denmark, because of the benefits but also the experience is unique, and you can grow a lot.


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