Studying in Denmark: from Lithuania to Horsens

Hi, today I will present through this short interview Jurgita, a very ambitious Lithuanian girl. She is also one of my dearest friends. Enjoy her story :)

Why did you choose to study in Denmark?

My study decision was kinda spontaneous. Even if I always knew that I want to study abroad, I never felt confident enough to look at this dream seriously. Suddenly one lucky spring I got a vista of amazing coincidences by being in the right place and meeting right people who just pushed me a bit towards my dream. Definitely, I had the choice to choose the country, and I picked Denmark because of free education and different teaching methods. Even if I never been in this country before, I just trusted plenty of positive references. Hence, nature in Denmark is similar to Lithuania’s nature even if I wouldn’t mind changing my environment completely, but nature in Denmark don’t make me feel far away from home (accept wind and rain). Admittedly, I don’t regret my decision.

Do you think the education system is better than the one in your country?

It depends from university to university, but taking in general in Denmark education is more innovative. Teachers are always looking for new teaching methods and approach towards students. Here education is more about real life practice what is much better than just plain theory. This doesn't mean we do not cover theoretical knowledge, we do, but we suppose to study at home and prepare this theoretical knowledge and afterward in the class we trying to implement them in the real-life cases. I love how it works, anyways at the very beginning, it was strange to adapt to unfamiliar teaching style since I was used to a bit conservative Lithuania’s education. On the whole currently, I like my studies more in Denmark than the ones in Lithuania.

Do you like your bachelor? What are your opinions so far?

My bachelor, I am not here, yet. But I am thinking to get one in Denmark as well. I could say I could make this decision because of provided perfect conditions for students. Why I am saying perfect conditions? – Because then you as a foreign student have a part-time job – government helps you to survive and maintain yourself financially what is very important for me – to be able to survive in a foreign country. Currently, I am having my third semester of AP degree in small and calm city Horsens, it is my second year there, and I really feel like it is time for changes, so I am planning to move to the bigger city and continue my education.

How is the approach between you and your teachers

Approach between my teachers and me is casual, easy to communicate. We can communicate with friends what insures us (students) not to be afraid to ask “silly” questions and do not feel any pressure while talking to the teacher. They are always ready to help, and they always will stay with you after the lecture if you need some consultations. Also, communication throw emails are very maintained, I still get an answer when I write something throw email. Teachers constantly encourage us to ask if something is unclear, but in general, they are able to explain topics from the very beginning.

How about the exams, how are they structured?

We have exams every semester end. In the first semester, we had exams that we need to accomplish with 3 other persons (with your study group). It was a cool Idea. By working together you learn not only teamwork but also all other things, in this case, students help each other and fulfill each other knowledge lacks. We had oral and written exams, which weren’t very hard, but we worked with real case company what was pretty exciting.
The second-semester exam was harder because it was individual. On the other hand, we had just written part –we needed a hand in our written projects (but this rule applied only for MM studies). Now third-semester exams will be even tougher. Based on elective courses we, students will have a different structure of exams. I picked market research elective course so written exams of economics, business law and statistics each contains 3-4 hours, and it is waiting for me + a few ordinary exams.

How do you maintain yourself?

A very important part of my life contains good people – my friends and most other people in my environment. I love Denmark because here I discovered many interesting open-minded and smart personalities. I really appreciate my luck to be able to study here. Thought that I would miss this amazing life part makes me sad.
I am doing a lot of activities what makes me happy, and I would love to do, even more, unfortunately, daytime is limited so here comes prioritizing and right decision acceptance. So far I am attending university, Danish evening school, I am volunteering at campus café (amazing place for new connections), going to work and trying to attend relative events.

Do you like your job?

I was lucky enough to find a job in one Danish family. I am living together with locals. I am helping them with daily tasks such as cleaning or dinner cooking in exchange I get a place to stay, food and small salary, but after all, I am able to save money, get to know local culture in depth and improve my time management skills. People are nice, so I am not facing big difficulties, as I say lucky me.

Are you happy with the choice of going to study in Denmark?

I am definitely happy with my decision to study in Denmark. Even if I am planning my internship in Spain, I still will come back here to continue my studies and take my bachelor degree. During this year in Dk I faced a lot of challenges, I had many ups and downs, but that’s the beauty of life. It is never easy to start something new and amazing, but it is always worth it. It pays off as invaluable life experience. All these people I met during my stay in Denmark… Ohh I appreciate every single person, and it doesn’t really matter, or it had a good or bad influence, I learned something from all. I do believe in destiny, and that life is like a puzzle in the sense that every single piece has its own place and its own meaning.

What will you do after you graduate?

My head is full of different ideas. I always have a hard time to decide what I will do in my future because I make myself too many alluring options, but at least, in the end, I am not regretting. I think maybe I will go to Australia or Africa or India and some volunteering for a year or half or maybe after studies, I will start to work in some international company. But I know I will stay in Denmark for a while because I want to improve my language and living conditions here are really nice. Or even if I will go for volunteering, I would come back here, but I am not planning to stay in this country till the very end. Life is full of joys and adventures, so I don’t think that stay in one country is a good option. If a person is living with a passionate and loving heart – he will find or create his home whenever he wants. Also, passion for life leads and to a successful and financially stable life, so the country is not a limit. Sometimes people say that I wear “my pink glasses” too often, but I always strongly disagree. Since only positive mind leads me to luck, I can’t reject it. In other words – always dream big 😉 So after I graduate, I will do plenty of different things! Because besides the main goals here is always room for small personal projects. 


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