From Spain to Denmark: Adriana's experience

Hi guys,

Today I would like to introduce you to Adriana, a Spanish girl with a unique experience in Denmark. She already has a bachelor in law but decided to start university again and do something new.

Hi Adriana, tell us something about you and your study experience in Spain?

Hi, Georgia! I’m 24 years old, and I’m from a Little village in Catalunya. In Spain, I studied a bachelor to be a lawyer, but after 5 years of hard study, I realized that law was not for me.

What brought you to Denmark?
Love, adventure and the desire of knew better myself.

What convinced you to stay? And why did you decided to start another bachelor?
Future opportunities convinced me to stay. Here I can work and study what I like at the same time. Because I like to learn and learn something more international than law. Also, I didn’t see myself working as a lawyer. Is not my world.

Do you like studying marketing?
Yes, a lot. Is really exciting for me all the marketing world, and I think that I found something that I’ll love to do.

How about the Danish language, did you learned it? It is difficult?

Since I arrived in 2015, I’m trying to learn it. Is not an easy language, but if you want to control it, is possible. The most difficult for me is the pronunciation, but I’ll keep trying 😊

Do you like Denmark? Do you intend to stay here?
I like Denmark, but I don’t know what I’ll do in the future. I’m sure that in my short-term plans I’ll be here, but not in the long-term.
Is difficult to be that far from my family and friends, but only the future knows what it has prepared for me.
I’ll go where I think that I’ll be happier. Now, I’m happy here.

How about Spain, do you miss it?
Yes and no. I miss my people, not the country.

Tell me about your dreams and future aspirations
Dreams: I want to travel, a lot. Learn a lot of things from other cultures and become a better person with a more significant background.
I want to be always happy with what I’m doing, also at work. I like the expression “If you work in something that you like, you will not have to work even one day in your life.” This is my goal.

Give advice to our readers
Try to do always what you like, what you love, life is too short to expend it in other things.

If you like to find more about Adriana, visit her blog, Adiana Vazquez.

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